Hindmarsh History

The historic inner west suburb of Hindmarsh is Adelaide’s first suburban village. It is named in honour of Sir John Hindmarsh, the first Governor of the Colony of South Australia, who in 1838 bought and subdivided the land into half acre lots, calling it ‘Hindmarsh Town.’ Two hundred ‘ordinary people’ bought these subdivisions with the open intention to work their land, build their business, and form a village.

They did just that, and the inhabitants of Hindmarsh have remained to this day proudly independent and community-focussed. Now, the suburb is a historic destination to discover on Adelaide’s doorstep -- from our distinctive heritage and industrial roots, we have grown into a thriving cultural hub with year-round arts, recreation, entertainment and sporting attractions.

Hindmarsh has a rich and valuable built heritage and cultural history. You can learn as much or as little as you please — read some articles, visit some landmarks, or go on a heritage walk.

Get to know the people and places of Hindmarsh - here and in real life. Look out for shop fronts repping Hidden Hindmarsh stickers, the Hidden Hindmarsh zine, and stobie poles painted by local artists.

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