New Local Eatery

1120 Port Road, Hindmarsh 5007

8340 4915


You will always find something new and delicious to try at New Local Eatery.

The popular Hindmarsh destination features an ever-changing menu inspired by the travels of chefs and owners Daniel Blencowe and Amy Zammit.

The chef couple upped stumps to Glasgow almost two decades ago to work in some of the UK’s top restaurants, using Scotland’s largest city as their base to sample myriad Michelin Star restaurants around Europe.

But it was the humble and honest food found outside of silver service restaurants that made a larger impact on the couple: the dishes they found in eateries of unassuming backstreets; the street food of Asia and the Middle East; and the home-cooked meals of friends and families around the globe.

“These are the dishes we always talk about and that we recreate at home,” Daniel says. “With New Local Eatery we wanted a place – even though we both come from posh restaurant backgrounds – that’s about the food we actually eat at home rather than the food that would impress other chefs.”

For more than six years, the dimly-lit and cosy eatery – with stunning art on the walls – uses the best local and seasonal produce for plates inspired by “the great food cultures of the world, lazy walks through markets, chance encounters with people, and the food they cook”.

Currently, the Port Road destination features dishes with origins from around a dozen countries including regions such as the Middle East, Central America, the Mediterranean, Northern Africa, South-East Asia and India.

You can walk into the New Local right now to enjoy dishes such as: ‘Moroccan fish soup, tomato, vegetables, peppers, pearl cous cous, chilli, lemon and parsley, yoghurt, toasted sourdough garlic bread’; ‘New Local’s famous falafel, warm grilled zucchini salad, radicchio, roasted almonds, mint, baba ganoush, spiced pita crisps’; ‘Duck and shallot pancake, pickled cucumber, grilled spring onion dressing’; and ‘Indonesian black beef cheek Rawon, red cabbage, steamed rice, preserved duck egg, cassava cracker’.

“We always try to make sure our menu is not centred around one region,” Daniel says. “Most people want to taste something delicious that gives them that feeling of travelling or of precious memories. That’s the kind of stuff we put on the plate here.”

The food is fresh, delicious and generous. Smaller plates are just $15 while larger plates range from $18-$26. Diners can also choose a chef’s menu ($49pp) while a selection of larger plates is just $15 for lunch.

The food might be inspired by the great cuisines of the world but the wine is all local, as Jericho’s GSM, Koerner’s Riesling, Ministry of Clouds’ Mataro and Shut the Gate’s Fiano are just some of the South Australian wines on offer.

Locals and regulars can always experience something new, as the menu completely changes every season with up to four items rotating fortnightly.

“This means no signature dishes, we try to be more creative,” says Daniel.

“We want to constantly capture new people to try the dishes, so they will come back to try something completely different. The idea is this will be your new local once you’ve tried it.”

New Local isn’t so new anymore; it’s been faithfully impressing diners far and wide for more than six years.

“People are used to the name now but at the start they would ask: ‘what’s going to happen when it gets older, are you going to call it the Old Local Eatery?’ Anyway, we’re here still here six years later,” he laughs.

It’s been a Port Road must-visit for all of those six years and Daniel and Amy live locally with their young family.

“It’s an exciting area and there is a lot happening, whether you’re at Bowden or here in Hindmarsh.”

Tuesday to Friday, 12pm-3pm

Wednesday to Saturday,

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