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Among the curious mix of religious iconography and wine barrels at Oddio – a 170-year-old heritage church turned event space and winery – is a sign that reads: “Yo, restrictions are in place, please be a good human”.

A winery by day and event space by night and weekend (well, sometimes, anyway), Oddio’s hours are as relaxed as the atmosphere, part of the reason why this former church in industrial Bowden is a hit with punters, hospo and musos.

Head to Oddio for takeovers by restaurants and eateries (Soi 38, Filipino Project, Comida, and Sunny’s) to regular gigs from local favourites (Max Savage, Nu Article and Cazeaux OSLO) to record fairs hosted by Adelaide DJs Troy J Been, Prince Aaronak and t-Bot.

Originally a Methodist church, Oddio means ‘oh God’ in Italian and the winemakers behind the sometime winery, cellar door, and bar – Delinquente Wine Co’s Con-Greg Grigoriou and Frederick Stevenson Wine’s Steve Crawford – have turned the long-abandoned place of worship into a space where food, wine, music, and good times are shared among its flock.

The bare-bones interior honours the venue’s history with exposed brick and sandstone walls and the odd religious painting or two.

“We’re just doing our thing here; it’s a winery, it’s a hospitality venue, occasionally, it’s a fairly unique little proposition and it’s a good bit of fun,” Con says.

Con – who is behind bitter Australian aperitivo, Bizzarro, as well as Delinquente – says he and Steve were drawn to the “age and the weirdness of the building” when they opened in 2018.

“It was a Methodist Church,” Con says. “The original part was built in the 1850s and the main part was built in the 1870s. It’s a heritage-listed building and it suits our aesthetics with regards to our own wine brands and what we’re trying to do. It’s a really interesting way to repurpose an old building that was vacant and derelict for a long time.”

Vacant for more than 10 years, Con and Steven liked the bones of the place, so money was spent on important things: a pumping soundsystem to showcase local bands and DJs.

“We came at the right time, saw it and went: ‘we don’t actually want to change too much’. We turned it around pretty quickly and use it to make some pretty cool products and keep that rustic look and feel.”

The locals like what Con and Steve have done with the place.

“Everyone knows this building, especially people who live around the area,” Con says. “The amount of people who came in when we opened – or stop to talk to when they walk past – and say: ‘I always wanted to do this or that in here, so I’m really happy it’s been put to good use’.

“People appreciate the building for what it is, especially given all the redevelopments and the new construction – it’s good to keep this old school heritage building standing.

“To use it every day and get people through the doors, it’s a pretty special thing to maintain.”  

31 Drayton St, Bowden

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