Pony and Cole

6 Manton St, Hindmarsh 5007



With its friendly vibe and inventive food, Pony and Cole is a local neighbourhood café that serves more than just traditional café fare.

The western suburbs eatery is where diners enjoy restaurant-quality dishes from chef and co-owner Nicolle Hahn, as she stylishly riffs on breakfast and lunch favourites.

With its design, feel and community-first ethos, Pony and Cole is “your friendly local café down the road” that is part of a creative hub on Manton Street with Koush Design, Union St Printmakers and 6 Manton Gallery.

“I love the local feel we have here,” Nicolle says. “People might have passed each other in the street hundreds of times and never say hello until they come here. Locals get to know each other; they get to talk to each other. That’s what we want. That’s what we love.” 

Located in a ‘60s-era warehouse – that was once a HaggleCo – Pony and Cole feels like it’s been an essential part of the Hindmarsh community for decades even though the café only opened in 2017.

Nicolle and business partner Julie Pieda (of Koush Design) use the building’s industrial bones for a mid-century-inspired café where local art and brass pendants pop against the pastel walls, while an open kitchen allows diners to see into the kitchen.

Then there’s the food. Pony and Cole upped Adelaide’s casual brunch game by experimenting with their morning and afternoon menus to go beyond the everyday smashed avo on toast.

Book a table at Pony and Cole to enjoy Sweet Potato Rosti topped with avocado, pico de galo, mixed lettuce and house-made dukkha, while Nicolle’s Eggs Benny sees two poached eggs sit on house-made cheddar and jalapeno bread (with slow cooked pork belly or triple smoked bacon) and topped with siracha hollandaise.

You can also grab Pony Pancakes with whipped butter, seasonal fruit compote, strawberries, almond praline and cream while burger lovers can go three ways: Big Burger (beef with triple smoked bacon, American cheese etc), Fried Buttermilk Chicken or Vego.

Everything is made in house. And the fresh, local, and seasonal dishes can be enjoyed alongside a huge range of beverages: tea from T Totaler; freshly squeezed juices; house-made smoothies; Scull Kombuchas; and, of course, coffee.  

If you’d like something harder, there are cocktails, Mismatch beer, and wine from Chaffey Bros, Alpha Box & Dice and Dandelion, too.

“It’s just a nice little café,” Nicolle says. “We don’t pretend to be anything we’re not. We’re not your ultra-modern minimalist place; we’ve got stuff hanging off the walls, stuff everywhere, but in the same respect, we try to accommodate a broad section of the community. They all seem to like it; everyone seems to be happy.”

Opening Hours
Mon-Fri: 7.30am-3.30pm
Sat-Sun: 8am-2.30pm

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